something from the (sniffle) sentimental early days when I had the fine fortune to reside in a foreign land – oh how I miss it!

Timmy the Scribbler

there was a knock at the door
and it was two pretty women
seeking to demonstrate
a brand of vacuum cleaner
with a free carpet cleaning.

Now this exchange was not super smooth
because my native tongue
is not theirs nor theirs mine,
though they knew mine better
than I know theirs by now.

Now had I been a single
(and younger) man,
I would’ve certainly invited them in
to show me how well they could clean carpets.

But being a man who is not single
and that the one they needed to speak to
about this was not at that moment at home,
I assured them I would pass along
the offer, and asked they return
another day, to which they
indicated that the names
and numbers were on the coupon
thing they’d handed me,

and I said Okay,
well I’ll pass it along
and maybe you’ll get a…

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