moments later a cable bristling heat
of a youthful heart landed in
the presumptive poet’s ethereal
postal box, proving that indeed in a way
words and deeds do ricochet or in layman
lingo news gets around – the message
did not contain a statement so explicit
but if a crow or crows wrote it the lesson
could be considered implicit

and this was not an If but fact concrete
– the dirty scrawl extolled the depth
of appreciation and frankly
significant pangs of flattery
that a couple of humble mountain crows
as they were noticed on this routine morn
if a bit of an extra foggy one.
Not merely noted but given some small
spotlight action. “You did okay in a way,”

commended the crow cable, but it had
only just begun, continuing with,
“and thank goodness you knew not our names.
Had you known our names and used them, oh man,
we would have to make life nightmarish for you.”
Just as the reader wondered how a crow
could make a poet’s life nightmarish,
the text went on to say, “we would begin
with making you the butt of all bird jokes.”