returning to truest paths

let them taste incompetence
and whoever shall not eat
might like to look, while still
another tribe, on the small
side, say, will dial Ignore,
and return to writing smut
or restoring compulsion
to push, twiddle, buttons, knobs,
venture into a forest
sniffing for nimble pursuits,
success oft reaped where ferns
coolly chill by squishy moss
bedding, where waters sparkle,
free at last, to contemplate
in this domicile, tranquil.


might as well cast all concerns to the dust

why they insist on acting as arbiters
concerning this permit or that taboo,
will understandably boggle logic
preferring to mind its own business
and enjoy a simple saunter across
a stretch in the nondescript Layman Plains

maybe daring to entertain kinky
topics of possibility solely
within a harmless thought continent
well aware there are always avenues
quite capable of casting peach-slice hints
plus an inviting glint from her thicket

Anti-China Poem #1

May the lord jab his big bayonet
straight into the vile Beijing heart
of that filthy place we must call China,
because China is truly the worst… worse
than all viruses and plagues man has known
and written truthfully of (and if
anything be true, nothing could be
more true than the truth that is that China
exports not a single word that is true
since China seeks not fun for us
but to enslave, starve, extinguish freedom.
Now may the lord help me to mock China.

traitors among us

pang in the breadbasket is indeed
induced on being forced to see
betrayal on blatant parade

priests aliens consecrated have gone
cozy crazy with tyranny, calling
for walls to be erected in mad haste

where defenders with barrels guard
just because people might enjoy
entertaining themselves with wine,

song, bikini-clad beauty, or
pies, guns, and patriotic pride,
not on the ruling class dime but by

personal tastes in time finely spent
and so designs to satiate
any given persuasion

became created, for no cause
greater than stirring gaiety
since aspirations are humbly

encompassed in wishes for fun,
accepting vast redundancy,
itself my right as an earthling.